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Official Tile Packs

Hex Kit comes bundled with classic, black & white tiles but there are thousands of full color, official tiles available right here, or in our store. Each tile is hand illustrated on real-life paper with paints, inks, gels, and even in some cases coffee. Be sure to check the forums and this page often for new tiles and any updates that may be issued for existing tile sets. We encourage you to check out the itch.io listing for each tile pack for more screen shots and installation information. Click here to find a menu for the completed tile sets that shows at least one of each tile included, as well as a few variants.


The original version of Hex Kit. It was released in August 2016 as a stand-alone collection of over 1,100 hex tiles that could be used with image editing software or Roll20 to make hex maps. If it weren't for the success of Fantasyland the Hex Kit desktop application would not even exist; the demand for a client to piece maps together was high enough that it justified building the software.

This pack includes all of the basic needs for a fantasy themed map: deserts, rivers, fields of grass, mountains, cold mountains, scorching badlands, ruined castles, pastoral farmlands and much much more.

Fantasyland Utilities

When the Fantasyland tile pack was released, it was released without tiles such as roads or border icons or any useful solid color tiles. Fantasyland was released as a free add-on, and you can still get it for free.

Note: Some of these tiles are from Fantasyland, the Utilities are the roads, borders, and banner.

Traveling Through Dangerous Scenery

This tile set is the sequel to Fantasyland. It comes with just over 1,200 tiles to spruce up your maps with haunted forests, Autumnal fields, waterfalls, cities, new icons, new ocean tiles, splintered earth, secret vales, dungeons, and more utilities such as bridges, roads, flags, and status markers.


This pack is currently a work in progress and will also eventually contain over a thousand sci fi, space, post apocalyptic, and even some modern themed tiles. Currently it contains planets, nebulae, moons, and some alien surfaces. Check back for updates soon!

Legal Stuff / Commercial Use Information

By purchasing and or downloading these tilesets you agree to the following terms:
That being said, commercial use licenses for the official Hex Kit art will be available when the two WIP tile sets are completed. Please read the FAQ for more information about sharing your maps.



Here you can see what kind of tiles are included in the tile sets. Tiles that have white backgrounds actually have transparent backgrounds and are placed on higher layers to create dynamic tiles. Each menu contains at least one tile from each category, and some variants. For example, in the first row of the Dangerous Scenery menu there is a coniferous forest tile with no background, but in the tile set there are 69 more tile features with no background that you can layer above other solid tiles to create the exact terrain you want.





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